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Unparalleled Termite Inspections

Moisture Readings are Essential


Testing moisture on front door thresholds and windows is key to detect termite activity below the surface.

Termite Swarmers


When a colony is about ten years old, the queen will produce supplemental reproductives to start another colony. Wings without bodies is the key to determine the difference between ants and termites.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


Global uses the latest in tools and technology to scan through your walls to find termites and leaks.

Termite Workers and Soldiers


When termite shelter tubes are compromised soldiers with large mandibles will protect the colony from ants.

Those Crazy Termites


This termite shelter tube was coming out of the insulation after destroying the hardwood floors. 

I have never seen this in 32 years of inspecting.

The Dangerous Difference


This picture is wonderful for home owners who want to identify the difference between ants and termites.

Global on Site Pictures


Termites did not care if this wood was pressure treated.  They used it as a bridge to tunnel to a window. This was my home.  How dare they!


Global found this super highway of termites in a heater room in Ocean City.  They made their way to the third floor .


This was one of the most interesting shelter tubes ever.

We think the termites might of had a couple of drinks.

We Know Bugs

German Cockroach


These roaches are thigmotropic.  They like to have pressure on three sides of their body.

They are nocturnal and have an exoskeleton .

The female can produce a lot of babies, so the sooner you call us the better!

Tiger Mosquito


Did you know that only females bite.

She is quite popular here on Delmarva.

Mosquitos are the worlds deadliest insect.

Global can treat your whole property so you can enjoy your summer.



Did you know ticks are related to spiders and scorpions. They spread dangerous diseases like lyme and rocky mountain spotted fever.

We love to kill ticks.  Call us!



This insect is one of my favorites. They have the ability to jump 50 times their body length and can live for 155 days without a blood meal. Wow!

Keep up on your pets prescriptions.  Inspect them often for eggs and if all else fails,  call us.


We found these Citronella ants in a crawl space in Ocean Pines.  They were giving off a strong odor.  It smelled just like a citronella candle.

Termite Protection Plan


Are you interested in getting a termite protection plan for your home?

Global can inspect your home and provide a solution thats affordable. 

More on Site Photos


Silverfish have been on the earth before dinosaurs . They are blind and you are most likely to find them in the bathroom or very moist areas.

Horse Fly


This nasty horse fly can bite.  It flew into  our work truck and we though one thing...run!

Black Widow


She is very popular here on the shore. We see her every day doing inspections. Treating your home is your best defense against her.  P.S. she's not the marrying type.

Garden Spider


The venom of the garden spider is harmless. Leave her alone.   She is very beneficial to the environment and to your property.  

Cicada on Cicada


We photographed this Cicada in Berlin.  This bee hissed at us before taking her dinner away.

I have never seen this in my life time.

Odorous House Ant


This ant keeps us busy all year round.   If you smash one in you fingers they smell like coconut.

An interior and exterior treatment is a must to get rid of them. 

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