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Subterranean termites, the silent destroyers


Infrared thermal imaging camera inspections

We can scan through walls to find termites

Moisture meters find areas conducive to termite infestations


Some people call them crazy ants or piss ants, but most likely the culprit is the odorus house ant.

How did i get fleas

Flea infestations start outside, squirrel,birds,rabbits all carry fleas. All it takes is one jumping on you or your pet as you walk in the front door.

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Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite

Bed bug infestations in your home can be caused from someone visiting from another location like a nursing home or a hospital.Remember to launder all clothing purchased from stores.A home with high traffic should use bed bug mattress covers.

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The Black widow

This spider is very predominant on Delmarva,we find them under bulkheads, garage door frames and crawl spaces.

Citronella Ants

These ants are subterranean , and feed on the honeydew of aphids and mealybugs .

When threatened they give off a citronella odor. 

Mold remediation and Air quality testing

Protect your love ones

We offer air quality testing for real estate transactions or just pease of mind.

Results in 24 hours guaranteed

In order for mold to thrive conducive conditions humidity and moisture need to be present

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Pest Control Services

We treat interior and exterior with odorless chemicals and a 100 day warranty on all insects.  

Ants, Bed Bugs Bees, Spiders, Silver Fish, Crickets, Roaches and More, ...

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